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Eni Norge signs agreements with eight artists from northern Norway

Eni Norge has selected the eight artists who will be working with the project which will produce art for Goliat and our new office building in Hammerfest. 

”We received a total of 55 submissions from artists in Troms and Finnmark who wanted to take part in this project”, says Kaj Gunnar Dahl, who is leading the project at Eni Norge.  ”Overall artistic levels were high among the works submitted and displayed a wide variety of modes of expression”, he says. “We have sensed great enthusiasm and interest among the many excellent applicants. The selection process has been very exciting and marked by openness, curiosity and respect”, says Dahl.

Following evaluation of the 55 applications, Eni Norge has now signed agreements with eights artists who together represent a varied and exciting range of artistic forms and modes of expression. The selection was made by Eni Norge’s project team working jointly with consultants Verk AS and the creative adviser Kenneth Hansen.  The artists were selected on the basis of the quality of their work, together with an evaluation of their originality and potential for personal development.   

”So far the process has been both instructive and stimulating for everyone involved”, says Edel Marie Brynjulfsen at Verk AS. “The project paints a picture of an extensive, active and high quality arts scene in northern Norway”, she says. ”We are looking forward to proceeding with this unique collaborative project”, says Brynjulfsen.

The result of the selection process is an exciting array of artists – men and women of all ages displaying a wide variety of modes of expression and all producing their work at different locations in Troms and Finnmark. 

 Monica Milch Gebhardt is a qualified photographer living in Vadsø. She has been selected on the basis of her inspiring portfolio of photos using her compositional techniques and meditative outlook to focus on northern Norwegian nature. 

 Arnold Johansen is a qualified graphic artist living in Hammerfest. In recent years he has worked on several innovative artistic works integrating materials such as glass and concrete into construction projects. He makes use of many different exploratory and experimental techniques, often in collaboration with other artists and technicians. 

 Jenny Marie Johnsen was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and is now living in Tromsø. She was chosen on the basis of her work with Arctic cosmology combining a series of photographs with brilliantly colourful video art. 

 Sonja Siltala lives in Vadsø and was educated as a photographer at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. Siltala was selected for this project on the strength of her exciting and subtle photography and her concept of working with recyclable materials such as plastics and wood collected in northern Norway.  

 Knut Fjørtoft received his education as a sculptor from academies in Bergen and Trondheim, and now lives in Tromsø. He is known for his graphic prints and sculptures inspired by the natural world and its various forms. He will bring these qualities to the Eni Norge project.  

 Alf Salo received his education as a painter from the Fyn Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark. He lives in Kåfjord. He has been chosen because of the unique compositional expression in his paintings involving inspiring forms and use of colour. 

 Tonje Moe Pettersen has a Master’s degree in Visual Art from Monash University in Melbourne, and now lives in Gratangen. She works with large scale paintings using brilliant colours, and has been selected for this project on the basis of her highly original artistic expressions involving spacious composition and abstract forms. In the spring of 2013

 Ottar Karlsen will complete his Master’s degree at the national Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. He was born and brought up in Hammerfest. He works primarily with drawings, often in combination with collage. As part of this project Karlsen has suggested developing a series of works representing a timeline showing the history of the Earth and its human inhabitants. Karlsen represents a new generation of exciting young artists currently pushing at the boundaries of drawing as a technique.

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